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Dental Implant Crowns: Dentist Prescott AZ
Dental Implant Crowns: Dentist Prescott AZ

Prescott – Dental Implant Crowns

Prescott Dental Arts provides outstanding Dental Implant Crowns for the Prescott Valley region

There are several options to consider. To discuss which of the options below is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. David Herbert today!

Replacing One Tooth

When replacing a single tooth, dental implant treatment requires three separate parts:

  • Dental Implant Crowns: Dentist Prescott AZFirst, the implant is a titanium post (the same material used in joint replacements) that is inserted into the jawbone and acts as a replacement for missing tooth roots. It is fully embedded within the bone and does not protrude above the gums. The implant has an opening on the top where a healing screw may be used to prevent the gums from healing over, which gives accessibility for future crown fabrication.
  • Second, the abutment is an attachment that anchors the final crown to the implant. It may be pre-fabricated to fit any crown, but due to the harmful risk of remaining cement or food-trapping contours around the final crown, Prescott Dental Arts uses 3D manufacturing to make a custom formed abutment, which improves cleanability and extends the life of the implant.

Treatment Timeline

  • We start by first evaluating the health of the patient and bony anatomy of the site for implant placement. To help in this process, we use specialized equipment to take a relatively small CatScan (3D X-ray). The CatScan helps ensure there is adequate bone and that nerves and sinuses will be safely avoided.
  • Prescott Dental Arts wants your final outcome to be flawless, so we use computer-guiding technology when surgically placing the dental implant. This ensures the implant will be placed in the precise position to ideally withstand forces placed upon it by the final attached crown. Without computer-guided surgery, dental implant placement requires incisions, stitches, and therefore increased operating time and longer recovery at home.
  • Computer-guided surgery process. We use an intraoral scanner to take a digital, 3D impression of your teeth. From the impression, we make a 3D model and use engineering-like CAD/CAM software to link the 3D model to your previously taken CatScan. The implant surgery is then performed first on computer, where nerve spaces and sinuses are in full view. We then design a template around the remaining teeth, which links the position of the implant to the teeth in our 3D model. The final template gets saved as a computer file and then is sent to a 3D printer. Finally, we place the 3D-printed template on the teeth at time of surgery, where it snaps in place and contains a metal collar that directs and stops our dental instruments. The dental implant is then placed in the mouth and exactly matches the position of the implant placed in the computer software. Pretty neat, right? Watch the video below for more information:
  • At the initial consultation, we schedule the surgery 1-2 weeks out to allow for our 3D-printed template to arrive. Your next visit will be the day of surgery where the implant is placed. Sometimes additional bone grafting with a healing membrane is required to best stabilize the implant. Plan for 30 minutes and have someone willing to drive you to and from the appointment if we have offered you oral conscious sedation.
  • Before attaching a final crown to the implant the body must adequately heal for a minimum of 4 months to allow for proper integration. A healing screw is attached to the top of the implant, which prevents the gums from healing over. The screw is usually flush with the gums, and you can eat like normal while it is present. An optional temporary denture may be used to fill the space while healing.
  • After 4 months, you return to the office and we test the implant for complete healing. If ready, we use an intraoral scanner to take a digital, 3D impression of your teeth and begin designing the custom abutment and crown. We send the design to a robotic mill located in the office, which cuts the pieces out of solid blocks of porcelain. It takes about 3 hours to begin and finish the crown, so most patients choose to come back within a day or two to have it seated on the implant. Patients are welcome to stay, watch the process, and have the dental implant crown seated all in one visit.

***If we start the process with a tooth that needs to be extracted, a bone graft is normally placed to preserve the jawbone for implant placement. A minimum wait of 3 months is required for healthy bone formation to support the implant. In certain cases, an implant may be placed at time of extraction to prevent this additional wait.

For our patients in Prescott, AZ, Dental Implant Crowns are an excellent solution for single or multiple tooth replacement. We invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

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