Porcelain Material Options

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Porcelain Material Options
Porcelain Material Options

Choosing The Right Crown

Dental crowns and veneers are wonderful restorations that provide a patient with a way to restore teeth that may be cracked, chipped, decayed, broken or misaligned. Veneers and crowns have evolved over the years and now come in a variety of different materials, giving the patient many options. Fortunately for patients, many veneers and crowns are fabricated from materials that look and function like natural teeth. Knowing about the different materials veneers and crowns are made from will help a patient make the right choice that will look and function best for their smile.


third molar prescott az zirconia porcelainFeldspathic is fabricated from a quartz type porcelain. The fabrication of a veneer or crown from this material requires the use of a wet brush and jar of porcelain powder to paint layers onto a model. The porcelain is then baked in a porcelain oven. Feldspathic porcelain crowns or veneers are natural looking and have been used by dentists for years. It is the standard porcelain material that offers a patient a very translucent look.

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Some pros & cons to crowns or veneers made from Feldspathic are:

  • it’s easier to control the color of the porcelain
  • it’s easier to match a patient’s tooth color 
  • it looks like a natural tooth 


  • crowns or veneers can be difficult to make
  • hard to get a perfect fit
  • weakest porcelain used in the mouth.  Not good for heavy clenchers or grinders.


prescott az feldspathic porcelain before and afterZirconia is an extremely strong type of porcelain, which has become popular in dentistry.

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Some pros & cons to crowns or veneers made from Zirconia are:


  • crowns don’t show a visible line at the gumline
  • stronger than any of the other ceramic options
  • Zirconia’s durability makes crowns able to withstand the constant use teeth take on, on a daily basis. 


  • Difficulty bonding Zirconia, so adhesive cement is routinely used…which requires more tooth reduction for adequate surface area, and higher risk of displacement than bonded porcelain.
  • zirconia crowns color can be hard to match a patient’s tooth color
  • they have an opaque appearance
  • it can have a less natural look than other crowns
  • Highest wear and tear on opposing teeth. 


prescott az empress porcelain lateral and central incisor Empress is a glass ceramic crown, which differs slightly from other materials because it is more like glass than porcelain. 

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Some pros & cons for Empress are: 


  • they are cast or milled, instead of baked like the Feldspathic crowns
  • the fit of empress crowns is more precise
  • they are very natural looking and wear like a natural tooth 


Less strength than e.Max or Zirconia, but stronger than Feldspathic.  Should not be used on molars or heavy load bearing teeth.


prescott az ips max lithium porcelain a molar, lateral and central incisorEmax crowns are made out of a lithium disilicate glass ceramic.

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Some pros & cons to this material include: 

  • is similar to natural enamel and wear similar to tooth enamel 
  • is strong enough to withstand daily biting and chewing and less likely to chip


  • Weaker than Zirconia. Risk of fracture on second molars.
  • Less natural appearance.  Not the best choice for anterior teeth.

With all the crown & veneer materials available, it’s important for patients to be properly informed before making a decision. It is a dentist’s job to make sure each of their patients know what their options are when it comes to choosing the crown or veneer that’s the best fit for them. When it’s time to get a crown or veneer, seeing a dentist for an exam will be the first step. The dentist will evaluate the tooth or teeth and give the patient the best option for their mouth and smile.

For our patients in Prescott, AZ, Dental Implant Crowns are an excellent solution for single or multiple tooth replacement. We invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

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