Dental Implant Dentures: Dentist Prescott AZ

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Dental Implant Dentures: Dentist Prescott AZ
Dental Implant Dentures: Dentist Prescott AZ

Prescott – Dental Implant Dentures

Prescott Dental Arts provides remarkable Dental Implant Dentures for the Prescott Valley region.

Prescott – Dental Implant Dentures

Dental Implant Dentures: Dentist Prescott AZDentures often do not fit properly due to changing jaw support in the mouth as bone naturally shrinks away. As the supporting tissues around the denture shrink, the denture becomes less secure and not easily retained in the mouth. A secure fit is necessary for adequate speaking and eating. A poor fit is uncomfortable and inevitable without something to anchor the denture and to preserve the bone from natural shrinking.

These patients have only two options:

  1. Have a current denture relined by a laboratory (or a new one made) and make do with continual shrinkage and instability by using adhesives, or.
  2. Have dental implant treatment to anchor and secure your denture, thus stopping the bone from shrinking in the area and giving you a stable, confident, and comfortable smile.

Implant Partials (Removable)

When patients are missing some but not all teeth, Prescott Dental Arts offers removable partial denture treatment with implant retention. These use implant snaps to anchor the partial denture in place, both preserving bone from natural shrinkage, and eliminating any need for embarrassing metal clasps. Also, implant retention removes any harmful forces on teeth that would otherwise be clasped for anchorage. Only one or sometimes two implants are needed for adequate anchorage, and this route is often the most economical due to being able to replace multiple teeth with one prosthesis.

Dental Implant Dentures: Dentist Prescott AZ

Implant Complete Dentures (Removable)

Complete dentures without implant anchorage require patience, practice, and are a lifestyle adjustment when transitioning from natural dentition. At Prescott Dental Arts, we use Dental Implants to eliminate these requirements, so our patients can go about life without having to “learn to juggle” new teeth in their mouth. For our veteran denture jugglers, nothing will help you better to bite into and taste the foods you once enjoyed than dental implant treatment.

Upper Implant Dentures

Dental Implant Dentures: Dentist Prescott AZ

With an upper denture, patients most often complain about having the roof of their mouth covered, thereby limiting their ability to taste and feel food. Four implant snaps are needed to securely hold an upper denture in place, which allows us to eliminate 50% of the denture palate (see Dental Implant Bridges for increased palate reduction). Also, an existing denture can be used, which allows finances to only be focused on dental implant treatment.

Lower Implant Dentures

There is no such thing as a good lower denture. Together, a dentist and lab technician cannot make a lower denture with the same suction that holds an upper denture in place. The denture has to be held down by the tongue and cheeks, and it constantly moves and presses on the gums. Studies show great success with only two implant snaps to hold a lower denture, where four are needed for an upper. Also, when adding implant snaps to an existing denture, Prescott Dental Arts always recommends first sending in the denture for a hard reline, which eliminates undue stresses implants receive from a poor fitting denture.

Some of our happiest patients at Prescott Dental Arts are those who only receive two implants to anchor their existing lower dentures! In fact, dental implant treatment has shown such an advantage for anchoring lower dentures that dental schools now teach it as the standard of care when recommending a lower denture.

One of the largest benefits patients report is the improved ability to chew. Patients can bite much harder with no discomfort since the dentures rest on solid implants instead of soft gum tissue. Also another feature is to no longer deal with messy adhesives!

For our patients in Prescott, AZ, Implant Retained Dentures are an excellent solution to loose, ill-fitting dentures. We invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

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