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Cosmetic Dentist: Dentist Prescott AZ
Cosmetic Dentist: Dentist Prescott AZ

Prescott Cosmetic Dentist

Prescott Dental Arts offers Opalescence Take-Home Teeth Whitening for Prescott, Arizona

Sometimes the simplest things in life can be taken for granted until we lose them. A smile is one of those invaluable treasures. There is nothing more revealing about someone’s emotion and personality than their smile.

3 out of 4 American Adults feel that an unattractive smile can hinder a person’s chances for career success.

99.7% of Americans believe a smile is an important social asset.

What does your smile say about you? If you’ve been searching for a great cosmetic dentist to give you the smile you’ve always wanted and help you regain your self-confidence, you’ve come to the right place.

Cosmetic Dentistry–More Than A Pretty Smile

Cosmetic Dentist: Dentist Prescott AZAs a leading cosmetic dental office, Prescott Dental Arts underscores the fact that cosmetic dentistry is not just about making teeth look pretty. More importantly, cosmetic dentistry is about enhancing the form, function and health of the mouth.

The Ancient Greeks have taught us centuries ago that esthetics are no more than a mirror of the relative and perceived health of a biological system. It is only when the parameters of form, function and health are met that the results in cosmetic dentistry are truly beautiful and durable.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

Smile enhancement can range across the board from a simple smile whitening to a complete smile makeover. Cosmetic dental concerns can be due to dental disease, trauma or congenital conditions. Regardless of the extent of these conditions, the impact of a smile on someone’s life can be as significant to the individual as to those around them.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

When considering a smile enhancement, the first step is to put yourself in the hands of a trusted, experienced, trained and proven cosmetic dentist that can predictably maximize the results you desire.

There are many dentists that do cosmetic procedures in their offices, but there are very few, that have had the training to balance the complexities of the essential parameters of smile design with predictability.

What To Expect From Cosmetic Dentistry

First, one of our doctors will meet with you to discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals. Do you want a model’s smile, or are you looking for more of a natural appearance? Our doctor will also perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the entire health of your mouth, teeth, gum, jaw joints and other support structures.

Next, he will review with you the appropriate cosmetic dentistry treatment options within the context of your desires, goals, and health concerns. It is important for your doctor and you to maintain a common vision for realistic results prior to treatment.

There are many ways to achieve the “perfect smile,” and we will review with you each of these treatments, including:

Many patients avoid the dentist because they think treatment will be painful and expensive. We strive to make each patient feel comfortable, putting them at ease about anxiety over treatment. New and cutting edge cosmetic treatments provide so much more comfortable options.

When it comes to paying for cosmetic dentistry treatment, we offer a number of affordable financing programs with flexible monthly payment options. Learn More.

If you have been putting cosmetic dentistry off, now is the time to contact Prescott Dental Arts to schedule a free initial consultation.

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