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Chipped Teeth & Dental Repairs

Dental Repairs–Tooth Bonding

Dental tooth bonding is used in many various ways, but it’s use is more popular for repairing chipped teeth. The bonding materials (high-density, space-age plastics called composite resin) and porcelain–are more natural in color and can be designed to perfectly match the surrounding teeth making it difficult to distinguish there ever was a broken tooth.

Transitional bonding is used for anything from a mock-up to a full-mouth rehabilitation. It’s called transitional because it allows the patient to transition into more permanent dentistry as the patient can budget, or as the treatment progression requires, and it allows our Prescott dentist the required time to work out any bite related and dental esthetic issues. Transitional bonding is an important tool in the skill set of a proficient cosmetic dentist.

Repairing Chipped Teeth–Crowns & Veneers

When a patient has a chipped tooth in the back of the mouth, our Prescott dentist may recommend a dental crown. Dr. Herbert may use a tooth-colored crown made of porcelain or other advanced material. It’s critical that the material is durable and strong to withstand the clenching strength of the mouth.

Dental crowns will cover the entire tooth. If the chip does not affect the whole tooth, the dentist may opt for a partial crown. Also known as an Onlay, a partial crown is a type of restoration or filling that covers one or more cusps. An Inlay is similar to a filling, but the work resides completely within the cusps on a tooth’s chewing surface. These restorations are much more conservative than crowns, and can be imperceptible from your natural tooth.

Porcelain veneers is used to repair chipped teeth that are located in the smile area. Porcelain laminate veneers consist of several thin layers of ceramic. Using a special adhesive, the veneers are bonded to the tooth to replace the original enamel.

We invite you to contact our Prescott, AZ office to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about the options to repair chipped teeth.

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