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Improve Your Smile By Dental Bonding

Dental bonding or teeth bonding is the process of using a composite resin material to repair minor cosmetic flaws. It is a non-invasive procedure where composite resin is applied to the tooth enamel. The whole procedure is usually completed in one dental visit. In some cases anesthesia isn’t needed. The dentist will begin by preparing the tooth or teeth for the composite resin to be placed. A color is first chosen, by the dentist, that will blend and match perfectly with the natural tooth. 

The composite resin is then applied to the tooth or teeth and is very soft and easy to shape. The dentist will sculpt the composite resin on the tooth making it match the shape of the tooth or teeth. It is then hardened and bonded to the tooth with a curing light. After the composite resin is hardened, the dentist will shape and polish it with special instruments. 

Dental bonding is an effective treatment for many patients who need minor repairs such as:

  • chipped teeth
  • gaps between teeth
  • stained teeth 
  • tooth discoloration 
  • minor misshapen teeth
  • slightly uneven teeth

The use of dental bonding depends largely on the size of the chip, the size of the gap, or the size of the other dental issue. Dental bonding is a great option for small areas. However, for larger areas a different treatment like a veneer or dental crown may be needed. At the dental appointment the dentist will evaluate the area and see if dental bonding is the best and most effective treatment. 

Although there isn’t a time limit for dental bonding, it can last up to ten years or longer. Bonding can eventually crack, chip, stain or discolor just like teeth enamel. The nice thing about dental bonding is it can be repaired or replaced if the damage is minor. With good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings and checkups, dental bonding can continue to look good and be long-lasting.

Dental bonding is a low-cost and very effective way to help improve a smile. It provides a way for a patient to touch up their smile without a lot of time or money. To make an appointment to see if dental bonding is the right treatment for you contact our experienced dental team at Prescott Dental Arts. Our office has been practicing in the Prescott Arizona area for many years and is ready to help improve any smile.

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