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Professional Teeth Cleaning Explained in Prescott AZ

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Professional teeth cleaning is a term used to indicate cleaning of the teeth surfaces from plaque, food remnants, tartar, etc. through the intervention of a dentist or dental hygienist. It is much different from the daily teeth cleaning which is accomplished through the use of toothbrush and dental floss.

Who needs professional teeth cleaning?

Everybody needs to have his or her teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year or more. Plaque and tartar build up in the beginning has no symptoms, and you may notice no changes to your teeth and gums. As the amount of tartar increases, it begins to press on the gums, and you may begin to notice some bleeding of your gums, especially when brushing. With more and more build-up of tartar deposits, the gums start to recede, exposing the sensitive area of the tooth, and you may feel some sensitivity with cold foods and drinks. The final stage is that the teeth become movable, and they may even need to be removed. These are the stages of periodontal disease.

What’s the process of professional teeth cleaning?

There are two general types of professional teeth cleaning, some of which are manual cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Manual cleaning is not used very often nowadays as the new ultrasonic technology is much easier and takes much less time, therefore manual cleaning may only be used in cases of severe teeth sensitivity, or when attempting deep cleaning, i.e. root canal or root planning, as the ultrasonic instruments cannot reach that far into the gums.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses a device, which sends ultrasonic waves into a small tip, causing it to vibrate at a supersonic speed, and that breaks up remnants and heavy tartar deposits on the tooth surface.

After the tartar is removed, the teeth surface becomes rough, and more liable to food accumulation and even decay, so your dentist or hygienist will use a brush attached to a drill, along with a special kind of paste called polishing paste, to smoothen the teeth surface and give it a shiny lustrous appearance.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Most dentists and hygienists would recommend having your teeth cleaned every 6 months to 1 year. However, some patients are genetically predisposed for tartar build-up, and would need to have their teeth cleaned more often. The opposite is also true, while some patients can go up to 2 years without the need for cleaning.

What should I expect after I clean my teeth

The tartar and food remnants are attached to the tooth surface, and usually push against the gums as they recede from their original position. After the tartar is removed, its place will remain empty for a couple of days, until the gums return to their original position. Until that happens, you may feel a space between the teeth with your tongue, especially the inner side of the lower anterior teeth. In addition, the teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks for a little while, and that’s why our dentist or hygienist will recommend using a high fluoride containing tooth paste, and using a fluoridated mouth wash to control the gum inflammation as well as the sensitivity.

If you would like to get more information about our professional teeth cleaning services in Prescott, or you are concerned about any areas of your teeth or in teeth whitening services, contact us right to schedule a free consultation.

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