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Ways To Achieve Whiter Teeth

red lips with white teeth,  cosmetic dentistry prescott azDo you look in the mirror and feel that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be? Do you notice yourself smiling less because of the color of your teeth? If you have some concerns about the color of your smile, then the Prescott Dental Arts team is here to address those concerns. Our office provides two whitening options to help our patients get the sparkling smile they have always wanted.  


There are many things that can stain teeth and cause yellowing. Coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine, for example, are known to stain teeth. With the use of whitening toothpastes you can sometimes remove surface stains on your teeth. However, whitening toothpaste can be very abrasive and can cause damage to teeth over time. The best option for those who want whiter teeth is dental whitening gels. Whitening gels can be used with either take home whitening kits or in-office by dental professionals. 


Prescott Dental Arts can help you whiten your smile with the use of take home whitening. Take home whitening is used with trays that are made in office but used at home. At your initial appointment impressions are taken and trays are fabricated to fit the mold made of your teeth. These trays will be used to hold the whitening gel tightly against your teeth. You will be given instructions on how to use take home whitening and for how long.  


If you are looking for a quick one day way to whiten your teeth Prescott Dental Arts also provides in-office whitening. With in-office whitening, a higher concentration of whitener is applied to the teeth for a shorter period of time. A laser is used to activate the whitener. The laser not only activates the whitener, it also helps desensitize the teeth as it whitens. With only one appointment, lasting about an hour, you can leave the office with a whiter smile. 


In-office Whitening pros and cons

  • Results are immediate
  • Whitening is completed in just one appointment.
  • Less sensitivity than take home whitening 
  • Procedure usually takes an hour 
  • Costs more than take home whitening 

Take Home Whitening pros and cons

  • You must follow instructions carefully
  • Take home whitening must be used twice a day for 30 minutes for 2 weeks
  • More likely to experience tooth sensitivity 
  • Once trays are made they can be reused whenever you need to touch up teeth
  • Cost less than in-office whitening

If you have always wanted to have whiter teeth Prescott Dental Arts is here to help. Our office takes pride in helping our patients improve their smile. Once you are ready to get started on a brighter smile contact our office at 928.445.8980 to schedule an appointment.

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